Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Privacy Is No Joke

Privacy on social networks has become a hot topic of discussion in the past week following Facebook's plans to further expose member and business data. Even governments around the world have stepped in as the subject has enraged users, businesses and media alike. Leading web technology blog TechCrunch explains the situation in detail - click here to read their article.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg did not help matters when an old email was revealed - demonstrating his apparent lack of respect for Facebook member data. Read more about that right here.

Businesses are now rightfully concerned about the spread of data on Facebook. Over the past year Facebook pages have become enormously popular with businesses as they are an easy entry point into social media. But many companies are now looking for more secure social media solutions as privacy and data ownership has swung into the spotlight.

SocialGO considers privacy and data ownership as a critical part of our services. On SocialGO you always own your data, members and content. You can export it anytime and take it anywhere you want. SocialGO will never sell your data to anyone. You, the network owner, are our only customer. It's called the SocialGO Data Ownership Guarantee, click here to read more.

Plus don't forget that SocialGO offers a range of privacy controls to moderate who gets access to your network. Setting pages to be viewable by members only, secret access codes & email restricted access are just some of the great tools available to all SocialGO network owners. You can always control who can (and can't) access your network.

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