Monday, June 22, 2009

About MySelf (Madhu Priya)


Glitter Words
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Hai, I am currently doing my M. Phil Research program in Loyola College, Chennai. I am a very sensitive and a jovial person. I am very much attracted towards my friends and family and I would like to spend time with them. I would like to spend my leisure time in lines of Sidney Sheldon. I am very much interested in life sciences from my school days. So I have chosen Pure Science as my major in my Higher Secondary Education. I want my career to be in the same field. My field of interest in biology is Plant biotechnology and Microbial biotechnology, So that I have selected Plant biotechnology in my Under Graduate and Post Graduate studies. In my post graduate, I have done my project in Algology entitled, “Marine algal diversity of Chennai Coast”. My current project is in the area of Microbial biotechnology. Apart from my interest in studies, I would also love to take tution for childrens ranging from L.K.G to XII STD. There more than forty students are there in my center. Last, but not least, all the things what all I mentioned above is not because of my personal strength, it’s all due to the grace of god, JESUS CHRIST.

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